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Magnablend is a custom chemical blending, manufacturing and packaging company committed to customer service excellence. We maintain this commitment through quality workmanship, honesty, integrity, and by building long term partnerships that enable our customers to view Magnablend as an extension of their own operations.

Magnablend manufactures products based on each customer's own formulations and specifications, but can assist in the development of new formulations as well. We can assist in the formulation, laboratory, pilot and commercialization phase of any chemical blending project, while safeguarding your formulations and intellectual property. Magnablend manufactures custom chemicals for a variety of industries, including: oil field, agriculture, pet food and feed supplements, water treatment, construction and industrial cleaning.

Magnablend's strategically located facilities allow us to manufacture, blend and package custom liquid or powder chemicals per your specifications quickly and efficiently. Magnablend's strict quality control systems, specialty equipment and processes, custom packaging and labeling, and variety of shipping and receiving methods ensure we will meet and exceed all of your custom chemical needs.

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